Pursuit of Happy(i)ness

One of the best movie I have watched. The movie was inspired by the story of Chris Gardner about his personal life and his journey towards pursuing the happiness. A Life time movie for Will smith. Excellent performance by Smith and his son (real life son) , especially in the emotional scenes Will smith wins hearts.

“We cannot have happiness , we can only pursue happiness ”

” If you have a Dream , Protect it” and don’t let others tell you that “you cannot make it”.

Few scenes I cannot forget , the expressions given by him after he got his job , the scene smith and his son stay in a cave (rest room in railway station) , smith giving explanation for “possibly” and “probably ” to Christopher (his son) , Smith advices his son standing near the basket ball court , his son asks smith about why mom leaved us , the first time he appears for a interview with the informal dress .

Really a lovable movie to watch. Simply says about a journey of “chris gardner” towards pursuing happiness and the love between a father and son.

Pursuit of Happi(y)ness

don’t forget to watch this movie if u get a chance. Its worth to create a chance to watch this movie.

One thought on “Pursuit of Happy(i)ness

  1. one of my favourite movies for sure! very touching. The rest room scene and then when they struggle to find places to sleep at night.. made me want to cry.
    its one of those movies that make you grateful for the things you have because there are so many others who have it much worse than you but still have hope.

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