Dec 6th – Day of Opportunism

Dec 6th. The day was considered one of the Black days in Indian History. Due to the demolition of Babri Mosque by Hindu activists .Truly speaking it was a drama planned and executed by some politicians. Ok , all these are old story.

But from that year onwards , dec 6th was made as a day of Opportunism. Every political party take this as a chance and make some processions and meetings . They take this day as a chance to earn more Muslim peoples in their vote bank. People would have almost forget the incident. But the political parties make them to remember this every year.

Today morning while coming to office , I have noticed a road side banner stating that ,

Dec 6th – rising day for dalit Muslim community “. This is the banner of a Tamil nadu political party formed for working towards the Dalit community. Most of the parties will arrange for processions and public meetings and speak about the old demolition things . The core intention of all the parties is to increase their vote banks and not to sove the problems related to that.

I feel this will increase the gap between the peoples of two religions . I wish the government should ban the processions and public meetings related to dec 6th issue. Dividing people is very easy , but uniting peoples is difficult.

Lets work on uniting peoples. Lets be aware of these opportunists (politicians) .

these are the thoughts came across me after i saw the road side banner … !

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