the worst theater complex in chennai …! (Abirami Mall)

Last saturday (15th dec) me and my friend (mohan) went for a Tamil movie “Kallori” in Abirami Mall. One of the worst theater complex in chennai. We have no option on that day , all the theaters were house full. So we went to Abirami.

The movie was not bad. A movie which resembles the govt. arts college students life and expressions. the move was over at 12.30 am (00.30) and we were coming out to the parking place to get my bike. The Parking slot were maintained in such a way that , my bike was caught in the last row. I was searching for the parking in charge persons , no one was available there. I got irritated and every one was messing up there . Its like a traffic jam inside the theater complex. I have inquired with the security there , but no use in it. After 25 minutes the place was cleared automatically and then I took my bike.

I got irritated and while coming out of the complex I saw few parking incharge guys were roaming there. I was asking about their managers contact number and they are refusing to give it. Then I got a guy who is the supervisor of parking , and he asked some excuses and he apologized for the things happened. I just left the place , what I can do ? except complaining on them.

I thought of talking to the management regarding this on the next day. But as usual felt lazy to do it. This parking problem always happens in the Abirami mall. But no one is bothering about this. We are paying 10 bugs for parking and we have no help from them. This is the case happening in most of the places.

That too the restrooms in this theater are very worst. I can say that it is not worth spending 90 bugs for a movie in this theater.

But this is not the case in Satyam complex, Sangam theaters and Inox theaters . They maintain in a excellent way. Its worth giving money in these theaters.

What is the solution ? Only thing I can do for now is , stop watching movie in Abirami Theater complex.

12 thoughts on “the worst theater complex in chennai …! (Abirami Mall)

  1. theatres either suck ass or don’t suck. they never get better. just piss inside the manager’s room when he’s not there and get the fuck out of there dude. 🙂 trust me. it’ll work.

  2. Hi,

    I strongly agree the Worst mall in chennai is Abirami mall. yesterday myself and my friends( 7.9.2008) went to balaabirami theator. We bought some snacks near to entance of balaabirami theator ( Inside in abiramai mall only). They are not allow us to enter into theator with snacks( there is no borad like outside food not allowed) . the workers in theator using bad words and our happiness mood spolied. If they create like this rule why this people open a snaks shop in mall. Then we decided we won’t go abiramai mall hereafter

  3. Hi,

    I agree with u , abirami s the most worst i have seen in my lifetime, the seats are not proper and no maintainance…….. so please guys and girls stay away

    • Hello priyadharshini….i agree with you.

      And prasanna just wanted to know that are you known to me ?? sorry for asking this …bcos i have few friends with the same name…! 🙂

  4. it is the same in most theatres.guys,jus enjoy the movie and walk out.stay tension.less tension more work,more work less tension………..

  5. First place… U shouldn’t have parked it way in.. u gotta be smart about it.. U could rather say not to go to Abirami theatre rather than Abirami “Mall”.. lol 😀 .. I am just getting worked up because my first date with my GF was that place.. cuz we dint want to get hold by anyone 🙂

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