Tamil Movie – ” Kalloori “

Kalloori” -This post is only for Tamil Movie Viewers

Again a movie from Balaji which resembles the characters we came across in our college  life . He proved again that he has the talent of taking this kind of movies. The movie goes around 9 school friends , joining in a gov. arts college and another girl(tamanna) joining with them. We can see the real arts college boys over there. No celebrity stars in this movie. Almost every one is new.

Akil – the hero of this movie , acted well and only few dialogs for him in the entire movie. Every one acted well. Movie was not that much impressive to me. The worst part in this movie was , they have ended up the movie in such a way that , every one feel bad when coming out of the theater.

I feel that , that have purposely made this climax . The climax resembles the “tharmapuri Bus fire incident” happened few years ago. Music was not that much impressive. These kind of movies should have excellent music.

Another good movie from Shankar’s production company. But these kind of movies wont hit the box office every time.

4 thoughts on “Tamil Movie – ” Kalloori “

  1. I really loved this movie until the ending ..it was a big suprise for me and i really wasn’t expecting it but that’s what reality is about……reality is hard and so is love……..but u see the people in real life who have caused pain to the parents of those poor college people that died should receive a punishment because that can’t bring the dead alive!!!!! Those college people deserve nothing and yet thry died………this movie is a great movie….But i hope it gets a state award from India……..or atleast some award……and also thanks to everybody including the crew and the actors who made this movie a success for me and reality………

  2. Kalloori is a really heart touching movie.. Tamanna , though she doesn’t know tamil, gave an extraordinary performance… Cheers to the director.. Precision is the keyword.. Every body acted with 100% precision.. Tamanna’s emotions , especially her anger and repentance for her behaviour with her friends when she started loving muthu were outstanding.. Every one comes out with tears from the theatre after watching this movie.. I am really interested to see what would have happened if it was a happy ending.. Had the bus not been burnt, shobhana and muthu wud have got united.. That feeling hurts you again and again since it is something that ought to happen but missed because of an unexpected and shocking climax..Tamanna’s looks and expressions just pierce your heart like a sharp arrow..not because she looks good or anything else.. The way she acted just makes you see Shobhana.. not the actress..The scene where she could not give a lift to muthu leaves him in tears.. She buying shoes for him, special ice cream scene, prasadam scene are truly wonderful.. The expressions she puts up when he gets hurt are great..Finally her face blooms when she finds tht her love is not all one sided..I wished that the movie ended with the hero getting vegetarian food for her and they telling their love to each other..

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