Movie(s) week …!

From Last Friday , I am just watching movie every day. Four movie in theater and four movie in my PC. I know why I am doin like this. And this keeps me pre-occupied and I have started enjoying the so called independent life. Usually I hate going to theaters alone. But for the second time in my life (first movie was “Enswasekaatre” several years back) I went to theater alone to watch a movie. The movie was “I am Legend”. Thank God the movie and the Theater(Inox) was good.

I felt different and i liked it too. Whenever we are comfortable we are happy. And this keeps me comfortable. so I feel Happy. Then yesterday also I went to Satyam theater for watching a animation comedy movie “the Bee Movie” (nice comedy animation about the untold story of Honey Bee’s).

“I am Legend , Kalloori , The Passion of the Christ , The Da Vinci code , Ice Age 2 , Panchathantiram , Evano Oruvan , The Bee Movie. ” these are the movies I have watched in the past 7 days.

Hope list will continue….! 🙂

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