Social responsibility – paying Taxes …!

We are nearing the financial year end. These months are the mind boggling months for the salaried employees. Especially
software engineers. Because every one should plan for tax savings.

Still I don’t know why most of them think, paying tax as a burden. No one thinks that it is our duty to pay proper taxes. Even though they pay the taxes properly , they pay it with a pain. Some (most) of them tries all the illegal ways to reduce the tax paying amount. Most of the peoples show the fake rental receipts , fake medical bills , fake bills for LTA etc., No one thinks before submitting these things.

Why this things happens ? why every one thinks paying tax as a burden ?

Is it due to lack of awareness ? Is it due to lack of transparency from the Indian government about, about where the money goes and how it was utilized ?

whatever may be the answers for these questions. Lets pay the taxes and then ask the questions. No meaning in asking questions without paying taxes.Paying taxes plays a vital role in a country’s development.Lets stop finding reasons ,Let’s pay our taxes happily.

I feel this as one of our social responsibility …!

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