Good bye 2007 …!

I can say , year 2007 was a good year to me. A colorful year should be noted down in my life pages.

Hope I(we) had made some good progress in Blossom (NGO) and developed my social thoughts to the next level. Faced some set backs in personal side , got few great relationships and missed few. Learnt lot of lessons in this year and all the lessons are important. Lessons for life time. Met lot of new characters in the so called life play , heard about lot of problems , wondered at how they handle the problems , heard about lot of perceptions on the so called beautiful life , realized that how immature I am .

  • celebration of the first anniversary of Blossom ,
  • My baby (Little Wonder) called my name ,
  • my close friends marriages (saami , sange) ,
  • visits to the Quest Education centers in Madurai based rural villages ,
  • presence of new friends ,
  • acceptance of few things ,
  • Lot of chocolates ,
  • heart full of happiness with the balancing sorrows ,
  • special caring and sharing ,
  • lot of flowers ,
  • my long hair since Jan 2007 (one year old ) ,
  • our new home (native) ,
  • unconditional love ,
  • sister’s twin babies (harini, harshni) , etc.,

Hope for all the above said things I can say 2007 is really a good year for me. Happy days and happy moments. Thanks 2007 for the enduring happiness.

With all my love, Good bye 2007 . Welcome 2:):)8

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