Great friend’s marriage …!

28th Dec 2007. Sangeetha – Victor marriage.

It was the first time I am attending a Christian marriage. The formalities were very simple and brief. There are lot of differences between a Hindu marriage and a Christian marriage. It just took only 45 min’s , the marriage was over and they left to registrar office.
Sange looked great in the marriage dress, but the makeup was not that much matched with her dress. The couple looked like , they were made for each other.

I was expecting that the marriage would be arranged in the church and in front of the Jesus. I hope only in the movies they are showing like that. Because sange’s marriage held in a place which is like a marriage hall. The songs sung by then was really good and meaningful songs. At the end they explained the couples about the marriage life and the ways of leading a happy married life.

In the reception I met lot of my friends ,the couples exchanged the wedding chain , rings and they cut the wedding cake. Then the photo ceremony started. We all had food and left the place one by one.

I know that was the day that I am gonna miss the most lovable friend of mine in this Earth. But i was not feeling that much bad, since we have to accept certain things.I am aware that , not every one we meet will stay long with us. some may go early and some make take some more time. But moving away is permenant.The only thing we have to look after is , was the relationship was healty while moving away ? If it is healty then it wont affect us , if it is not healthy certainly it will hit on our personal side. I could say our relaition ship was healty , she was always a good friend of mine. so I can happily say good bye to sangeetha victor.

Certainly i will miss you my friend. wishing you a Happy life.

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