My last blog of 2007

Last year I was in chennai and celebrated the 31st night with a long and fastest bike ride. It was a fun filled and a thrilling experience. We started at around 11 pm and back to home around 1:30 am. Then we started cooking food. I was the chief cook over there and we have prepared 5 items including a starter and a dessert. Really it was a great experience and we had a great time on that day.

This year , I will be in erode on 31st night. Hope there may not be any great celebrations but will be a good day for me. Because I will be with my beloved friend’s(Gowri’s) family. Its like a home away from my home. I am going to stay there for four days. Usually i love to stay in their house. I have a sweet mom and sister there. This time it would be worth spending time with sister. Because we have to confirm the name for the new remedial center for learning disability. And we may have some discussions about the future extensions and the next step to be taken etc.,

I Will be back only on 2nd Jan 2008.Hope this year ends with more sweet memories .

Good year with lot of good memories. Wishing you all a very happy new year .

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