Every Child is Special …!

tAAre zameeN Par

A movie from Aamir khan’s home production and direction. I was really admired by this movie. Hats off to Aamir khan for selecting such a good subject and decided to add value to this movie by acting in this movie. This is not a usual commercial movie or a movie with great stories etc., A subject which should be promoted as a documentary movie. But Aamir made this a normal movie apart from a documentary. He had handled the subject in such a way that the movie was
interesting and explains the subject in a easily understandable manner. Every ones acting was good , especially the little boy Darsheel Safari (Ishaan – hero of this movie) . Music of Shankar Eshaan Loy was really good and two songs scores good.

Subject :- This movie deals with a term called Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a part of Learning Disability ( Kattral Kuraipaadu – in tamil).Dyslexia is a neurological problem occurs to very few. They will be similar to others except in their learning skills. Learning disability will cause some serious problems in Reading/Writing/Speaking.This is a very big topic to discuss, so very soon in a separate topic i can give some more information about this.

This movie explains about dyslexia and tries to make point that Learning disability is not related to mental retardation. They will not be in the category of special children’s. Most of the dyslexics were like , they have more IQ than normal persons.Most of the scientists had this problem (Albert Einstein , Edison etc.,).And also the movie says about , this problem can be solved by giving special training (separate teaching method) to them and a special attention from their parents and constant encouragement , support from society. Aamir kahan tried to make these points clear and he made it perfect.

This movie has been released in the right time. Because most of the countries are aware of this issue and they have started working on this several years back and they had made some considerable progress related to this. But still in India most of the school teachers and parents are not aware of this . Hope this movie will help the public to know about the problem and to start work on this.

I hope this movie should be made in Tamil and in all the other languages. Thanks & hats off 2 Aamir for initiating this process.

Taare zameen par

taare zameeN Par is not a children’s movie , its a movie for all parents and teachers.

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