my little wonder …!


My smiling beauty , My little wonder . She came into my life on march 23rd of 2006. From that day she is my refreshing factor. She is my enduring happiness. Till now I have not done any thing special for her , except my love (conditional Love) and affection on her. But till now she gave me lot of things with her unconditional love.

The sweet little smile , the active legs , her way of messing the place , way she eats food , way she share the things she have , ways she call me ,way she runs around the place , way she sleeps for hours , ways she play in the water , ways she sleep in my shoulder , ways she pronounce the words,ways she cries , when she is adamant , ways she fights , etc., for all these things I can say she is my Little wonder.

I believe that “Every thing happens in life has a reason”. So there is a reason behind, me into her life and she into my life.What will be the reason ? May be time can tell the answer. So it is useless to waste time on searching answer for the question.

I wish i should not leave her at any point of time in my (her) life. Any ways life is so much unpredictable. Let me(us)see.

For every one , their baby is unique. So My Reshma is unique for me. Lucky to have her in my life. Lot of memories are there in me about her. After all she is 2 years 6 months
old. Lots of sweet memories are yet to come …!

Thank you LIFE, for showing me my Little wonder.

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