Secret Cinderellas …!

Do you believe in “Cinderella” …? For me Cinderella is my dream doll. Since my childhood I was thinking of Cinderella as a cute Pink Doll. I usually see Cinderella in my dreams. For me Cinderella is the one ,

  • makes me to feel the happiness ,
  • Makes me to feel lighter always,
  • loves the child in me ,
  • shows me unconditional love ,
  • being with me always ,
  • gives me shoulder when i am blue ,
  • accepts all my love.

I was lucky that I got chances to see my dream doll alive and be with her (them) for few years . Yes, Until now I met three Cinderellas . Thanks for the Cinderellas for being with me. Now I can say them as my Secret Cinderellas.

I am back to thinking of my dream Cinderella – the doll. I realized , she is the one going to be with me always. I believe, I can get her back in my dreams.

Miss you My Cinderella – My doll.

One thought on “Secret Cinderellas …!

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