Released the annual report of Blossom

Yesterday evening We have released the Blossom’s ..annual activity report for the year 2006-2007. I am happy that the report has came well and hope we have given a brief information on the all the activities we did.

Blossom Annual Activity Report 2006-2007 download it here.

In the same time , I feel very bad for taking 90 days to prepare a annual report. I took the responsibility of preparing the annual report. Initially i delayed for two to three weeks to start writing it. Then I completed a first draft version in two days. Then I felt that my english was not good in the report contents . So I send the report to a friend to modify the contents to look catchy and to add with some good stuffs. And due to several reasons the report was delayed.

We (I) cannot simply blame others for the delay in releasing the report.I take the responsibility for the things happened. We planned to release it for Nov first week of 2007. But we did it on first week of Feb 2008. All in the way i feet that, the toughest job in the world is , aligning the contents in the MS word document.Really it ate all my time. Anyways report has came well. Let’s see how people respond for the report.

Waiting for the feedbacks and suggestions from every one.

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