Stars on Earth …!

tAAre zameeN Par

The response for the movie was great. It’s nice to see that good movies get good recognition. all praise goes to Aamer Khan. I have asked most of my friends to watch this movie and most of them watched the movie and thanked me for identifying such good movies.

Everyone said that , they were more emotional while watching some scenes. Hope the little boy Darsheel Safari’s (Ishaan) acting played a good role in this movie . Especially the last scene impressed every one (scene before getting the first prize for his drawing). As I expected the movie is going to be dubbed in Tamil and will be in theaters soon. Hope Actor Surya will give voice for Aamer’s character.

Nice to see that people accepts the importance of the awareness on the Learning Disability. Again I thank Aamir for giving “tAAre zameeN Par“.

tAAre zameeN Par – “Stars on the Earth“- “Boomiku vantha Natchathirangal“.

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