Their Life is Beautiful …!

Last weekend I have been to a village called “Kansapuram” in Virudunagar dt., 12 km from Sivakasi . It is a remote village and has less facilities . It has only 100 to 150 houses altogether. Really a calm place with no pollution. I stayed there for two days and it was a good experience for me. Because after a long time I am staying alone in a new place .

As like all villages the peoples are so kind and lovable. They give more respect to the educated peoples. That too I have been there for a social cause , so the response from the peoples are more. The big shots in the village also gives respect to us . The children’s celebrates our arrival, they seemed to be happy and enthusiastic . The digital camera with me also a reason for the children’s roaming around me always. πŸ™‚

After i finished my work there i spent time by roaming all over the village and playing with the kids and chatting with some of the villagers etc., Every thing was good. Their innocence , their love on others , their respect on other peoples , the way they share the life with others , the way they still value money , the way they celebrate , the way they work hard , every thing is good. Really their life is beautiful.

In these two days , again I came to know that , peace is not in the place we go , peace is not in the things we have , peace lies within us. Because , everything around me was good and I was not peaceful . My mind is the same restless state as I felt here (chennai). My Mind was roaming around the same thoughts. Though the new environment and peoples made a little changes in my mind but the restlessness remains the same. Until we set our mind peaceful , nothing will give peaceful to us.

What is the thing makes me restless and took off all my peace ?? let me find it first …! πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Their Life is Beautiful …!

  1. We (Paranjothi Gnanaoli peetam – Chennai 600 059) are planning to start an ashram in Kansapuram. Its is the grass root level, Once it comes up you can take up meditation initiation from the ashram or you could even come to the chennai ashram and take up meditation. My mail id is I will pass on the address through E-mail.

    This meditation practise drowns you in peace of mind…..

  2. I wish to know some details about your organization. Let me know for any websites of your organization and some other details of your new upcoming ashram at kansapuram.

  3. before one month, I and my friends gone to kansapuram to do “environment project”.. all people are very nice there..
    we also enjoyed well..

  4. welcome to kansapuram ……… wat ur planing to that ashramam in kansapuram all kansapuram peoples like very much do it fast for us……………….

    s. ganesan
    (cocnout business)

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