Flaunting myself …?

For the past two days I am asking a question for myself. ” Am I trying to Flaunt myself for the Blossom activities we are doing ?”.

The reason behind this question was , we have released the Blossom’s First Annual report a week back. We send it to all our friends and members. We haven’t received any reply/comments/feedback for that Annual Report. I worried a bit.

We are not doing the “Blossom” activities for getting praise from others. We are working towards our dream vision and for a social cause. If this is the case , then why should I worry for not getting any response for the report. Its our responsibility to send the annual report to the members.

I worried a bit , so i felt like I flaunted myself. I feel guilty after realizing these things . I have convinced and accepted myself and now I feel lighter regarding this issue. My mind is not thinking of the responses , just started thinking of proceeding with the next activities.

4 thoughts on “Flaunting myself …?

  1. U r doing a wonderful job ,pls go ahead! Jus think of those ppl who r all benefited by ur help. Whatelse makes man happy other than cherishing one’s life. U should proud of urself by doing all these things.Keep Smiling and makes others to smile by doing these activities πŸ™‚

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