Babies = Happiness ..!

I feel bit happy that I am going to meet my little wonder(s) this weekend after 15 days. I was not here in chennai for the past two weekends , because of this I could not able to spend some time with my little wonder (s). Anyways this sunday I am going to meet little wonders and hope I will be with there for the whole day.

A little smile of a baby makes me feel good. Whenever I see a baby in front of me automatically my face , my mind/heart everything smiles. I don’t know that every one experience the same. For me Babies = Happiness.

I wish to say about few of my small dreams , to run a play school (creche) , to work as a children’s van in charge (part time ) . Hope I can do any one of these in my life time. 🙂

One thought on “Babies = Happiness ..!

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