Big turn …! it’s time to think …

Marriage season has been started … My friends started getting married on by one . In the past two months 3 of my friends got married. And few marriages are fixed in the forth coming months. Next week my so called sister is getting married , then for another good friend of mine (2 months later) , hopefully my brothers marriage (within 6 months) , my roomate’s marriage on May month etc , etc .,

Hope marriage is a important and big turn in everyone’s life. Hope I am also reaching closer to the turn. While thinking of this , some questions arise in my mind … Am I ready (mentally) for Marriage (feel funny ) ? What are the constraints I am goin to set ? What are my least expectations on my better half ? Is it going to be a love or arranged marriage ?

Untill now I have no proper answers for these questions …but I should be ready with the answers as early as possible. Whenever I start thinking of my future , my thoughts were forked . I have to organize it and should collect answers for the question of my mind.

Let me Start …! šŸ™‚

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