Provoking the hidden project …!

Usually some social issues will be in my mind , I will be chewing it in my mind always and discuss with some of my friends . This is also a main reason for starting a NGO and fighting for some of the issues through the NGO . But for some reasons I have decided to stop working on these issues now and decided to take it later , may be after few years.

But for the past few months , some thing provoked my thoughts to start working on this. I also realised that this is the proper time for me to start thinking of implementing the hidden project of our NGO. The few important issues provoked me are ,

1. Abnormal School fees in the private schools

2. Sudden Increase in the home rentals and land prices (real estate)

3. Child labors (even after implementing a special law for that)

4. Quality of Govt schools

5. Reservation issue in Educational institutions . (due to old reservation system)

and some other small issues are also there in my mind . Wish to start working on any one of these things. Hope every thing will go fine and there will be a good response for our hidden project. Soon the project will be visible. My mind was already started grinding some tasks related to this. Hope RTI act may be a grip for us to proceed further.

Hidden Project ..will this be a panacea ? lets hope for the best. Let me (let’s) face the problem.

Hands wish to join are always invited.

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