My tech guru’s wedding …!

24th March 2008 – Sudharshan’s marriage. I can say him as one among my best pals. Everything happened as a surprise. I just came to know only a week before the marriage. He just called me and asked me to check my mail ..when I opened the mail I saw his marriage invitation. It is really a good news and a big surprise to me.

I didn’t felt angry on him for telling me very late. May be its due to , we share a matured friendship. The marriage function was really good and simple. Seems to be like , every thing was planned . Usually in marriages , few peoples will be in a high commotion state. They will be wandering here and there and shouting at peoples (mostly for no reasons). But in sudharshan’s marriage there is no scene like this. Everything went on cool.

The marriage hall was excellent (worth saying a AC hall). Decorations are really good. The perfect couples added more beauty to the decorations. Moderate crowd , pleasant songs by the music troop (really they sung well, the only thing missing is no item no songs ) . Especially they scored more in the Old songs and one guy spoke like actor Shivaji Ganesan.

Few of my classmates and college mates also came to marriage function. We are meeting after 4 years. Really good to be spending time with the guys. Had great food and the food was also good . The next day 24th march the wedding was soooo simple. It looked like an engagement. No tension , no confusion. Every thing was finished just like that.

As usual on both the days we are just checking for some gals …hmm few gals were there. they looked good too.One thing I can say about sudharshan is ” A perfect Planner & Executor ” . Most times I really wondered at him for his planning. I too plan for my works and activities. But very few only can execute as sudharshan. As like sudharshan the same the marriage functions looks to be very well planned and executed. I don’t know who arranged these marriage function ..but a good job.

I wish a happy life to sudharshan. I always believe that marriage is a beginning of a new life with happiness. A different life with different kinds of happiness. I wish the couples should share perpetual care and love in their life. Best wishes to my best friend. I wish sudharshan for enduring happiness and enduring success in every step.

Take care thalai , Happy Journey.

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