2 years completed

March 23 – 2006. This was the day I first visited Balagurukulam. From then onwards I started going there regularly. The next week March 30th showed me my little wonder . Just decided to take her in my life. May be she was also a reason for me to going there regularly.

After the visit I took some decision to help them and decided to proceed with it. Not much commotion , I was clear that I (we) have to make it . From then , until today we are doing our best to help them in all the ways.

At some times I just wondered that , when we seek for some help for a good cause ; It happens just like that. It may be in the form of money or material. When we think good , good things happens automatically. Every sunday I spend time with the kids over there and it gives me pleasure. Now the kids are grown and they started speaking in their own language . For all these days I spent there , I can say that I loved/Love to be there.

Mohan , mari and me got to know about each other and shared our social thoughts. Everything happened in Balagurukulam only. Every week we met and we spent time together. All are memorable days. Blossom is a brain child of those discussions . We decided to form a NGO and named our pro bono works as Blossom. Now Blossom works on Education , Health and humanity based projects.

Hope every thing will go fine and thanks Usha (one of my best buddy , she took me to there) for getting me here and shown a way to start a new journey. Lot to travel … ” bon voyage“.

2 thoughts on “2 years completed

  1. Hi!

    Thank you for your stories on this blog. I am leaving in two weeks to India. I am planning to stay at Balagurukulam for one month in februari. I might see you there?

    best regards,
    Lien Fiers (Belgium)

  2. Hi ,

    nice to be in touch with you. Sure we will meet there in feb. I will be there on most of the sundays. Hope Mr.Ranjith will inform me after u reached here in Balagurukulam. Meet u soon. 🙂


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