dreamless sleeps …!

for the past two weeks …I was completely(physically and mentally)engaged with a report preparation work for a special cause.

Me and my best buddy were doing this. Really the days are to be set in a golden frame in my life book. It’s always nice to do a work with full involvement and to see the end result as we expected. It happened. Nothing went wrong and the out put was perfect. And thanks for giving me dreamless sleep in most of the days (when we are tired , no dreams are there).

Most of the nights were sleepless nights and physically I was tired but mentally I was fresh. Its always on my positive side that , when I was committed to a work, I will do it with full involvement and the perfection to my best. Whatever the work may be …I will make it with the best perfection. All the days I was completely packed and I missed all my calls and missed all my contacts and missed all my regular schedules etc., but its worth missing all these things. Sorry for all the contacts I missed.

I love and like myself for doing this … love u sathish 🙂 . Sorry for my Boss and Manager for not concentrating much in the official works (presently I was not engaged with important works). And thanks for some cool, good and caring hearts for caring at me and asking me to take rest , to eat well etc., And sorry for not considering their words sometimes.

Now I am back to form and back to my routine and the next task waiting in front of me ..

1. Accounts of Blossom ,

2. Prototype model for QUEST centers,

3. Website for Blossom,

4. collecting requests for coming academic year.

Among these first one is mind boggling task. Hope I can make it. But this time I will have a bit concern on my health also. Wish to have good sleep without dreams ( I hate dreams to the core).

Here I am ready to start with next job ….( but after two days 🙂 …!)

2 thoughts on “dreamless sleeps …!

  1. You never tend to amaze me, you just keep pressing the accelerator pedal steadily and life goes on for you with so much good work.

    I hope one day I will return back to my senses to join you, but I can never be as steady as you.

    Keep going, I told you once your life will be as smooth as a DC current, good to see some ripples (Sleepless nights) and rectifications, going ahead you will find absolute DC.

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