need a T68 SMG – Gun, to shoot the one I hate !!!

I need a machine Gun (T68 SMG : Sub-Machine Gun .. hope this one will be enough) to shoot my sleep killer.

I hate it ….the only one thing in this world I hate to the core is this one. The only one thing I never want to see and have it in my life is this thing. I don’t know why I am getting it frequently, I have no words to express my angriness on this.

The thing is — D.R.E.A.M. (occurs while sleeping). It took/takes all my sleep … I have no good feeling when I woke up daily. Good thoughts , unwanted thoughts , good ones , bad ones , incidents , accidents , persons , things , missed ones, loving ones, ability , inability, hunting’s, feelings , happiness, worries, imaginations etc ., etc., Every thing comes in my mind while sleeping. Literally I can say , In the past 5 to 7 years I had only few dreamless nights. I can count it very easily.

Is there any good ways to overcome it ( mediation ?? , physical workouts ??, warm water bath ??, reducing dinner ??) ?? As a result I feel like I lost everything when I woke up in the morning …I feel like its better to be slept always. I can feel the pain inside my mind .

Whenever peoples wish me “sweet dreams” , I suddenly reply them and ask them to take back their wish. Hope every thing will be ok in some days. Waiting for that day enjoy my dreamless sleep. I am just waiting to have a sleep for at least 8 hours without dreams.

I am tired of getting DREAMS.Β  Hi DREAMS … please say a good bye to me and leave me forever.

2 thoughts on “need a T68 SMG – Gun, to shoot the one I hate !!!

  1. Just don’t close your eyes, you will never dream.

    To stop dreaming you have to know one thing clearly,

    1) Have a sense of completion before you go for a sleep.
    2) Don’t have anything pending for that day.
    3) If you find something that can’t be done within that day, consciously say to yourself that you will finish it by tomorrow or some other day.
    4) Do all the audits of the day (Completed and Pending Tasks) in a continuous span of 5 minutes before sleep, don’t hurry through this slowly and steadily finish it, if you are not feeling complete do the audit again and again till you complete.
    5) After a few days, you will do your audits in a single shot, some practice is required + it takes some time for loose connections to fix up automatically.

    This will give you good sleep, if this is not working, may be you should check up with the brain scan machine, some wires may be too loose or disconnected. πŸ™‚


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