Is Kerala – GOD’s own country ?

hmm…if the GOD’s country is mean to be filled with back waters and green trees (coconut trees) ..then it’s true that Kerala is God’s own country.

Just today morning we came back to chennai from kerela. The tour was over. We had good (better/normal) time over there. The tour was not as good as we expected , because of the improper planning. Anyways we managed to have some good time. Kochi , Trivandram, Allapey and Vega land. We stayed 2 days in Kochi.

The interesting things are the waters , back waters , small bridges , plenty of coconut trees , Auto charges, cleanliness, less crowd, tea (taste and quantity), rain, cute and most beautiful small railway stations ( village stations).

The worst things are laziness, non smiling faces, small roads, their business (trade) timings, water(good to health but still…!), all dubbed movies, local buses, slow drivings, non veg = beef.

When compared with all the above good things , the worst things are tolerable except few. Good to visit Kerala – The God’s own Country.

It’s impossible to judge culture and people of one place with another in three days. But still I wish to say some thing in my perception …!

to be continued ……..

8 thoughts on “Is Kerala – GOD’s own country ?

  1. yeah ..tats true…but the ratio of smiling faces compared to other places seems to be very less there. But the thing is …all of my mallu friends here in chennai are the best in smiling. I have some close friends also , I was admired by their smiling faces. But still It’s very hard for me to catch some smiling faces in public places.

    But one thing I can say , they are very patient. We can see a soft touch in every one there.

  2. business timings ….just inquired with the local ppls, they open the shops only at around 10 to 10 : 30 am and most of the shops were closed around 8.30 to 9 : 00 pm and sundays almost all the shops were closed.

    Its very different in our places. May be we could have felt odd because of that. 🙂

  3. you can never get the full extent of Kerala culture, beauty and its hospitality from a single town or a region .

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