Continued ….God’s own country.

Whenever a thought come related to tour or sight seeing , few places will come in my mind ( Kerala , Maldives, Andaman, Srilanka, Kashmir and few more). I was very eager to see kerela. But after visiting it, I was not that much satisfied. The reason may be due to the too much expectation and the wrong season. It’s summer there and it was more or less equal to chennai’s climate. That was our fault of arranging a tour without checking about the climate and season of a place. After the tour every one said that September to January the season will be good and thats the proper time to visit most parts of kerala.Anyways, apart from all these things, few things attracted me the most.

First thing is the small railway stations (village stations – on the way to palgatt to trivandram). Really I love those stations, every station was beautiful. Open roof stations with cement build chairs on the sides of the station. The morning climate and the greenery added more beauty to the stations. I love to sit alone in that places.Hope I will get a chance.

Second thing is the small bridges over the back waters. While traveling from Coimbatore to Trivandrum we got to see lots of small bridges over the back waters. The waters was surrounded by bunch of coconut trees. The trees green color was imposed on water, so the water looked dark greenish in color. It looked more beautiful during the sunrise and in the early morning moon light. I have no more words to express the beauty. It’s really awesome.

Third one is the cleanliness. Compared to our places ( chennai and other parts of tamilnadu), kerala seems to be more clean. I don’t know exactly about how they maintain it. There were some wastages thrown on the roadsides and public places, but compared to our places its very less. May be its due to the literacy rate ( but it doesn’t mean that all the illiterate peoples are throwing wastages). hope we are going out of topic. Whatever may be the reason, they keep and maintain the cleanliness. I just love them for this.

Fourth on is the simplicity among the peoples. Commonly it seems to be like, they never flaunt. Including the cinema artists, politicians, industrialist, business ppls, big brands etc., etc., There is no too much of advertisements. Seems that they set some limit for every thing ( Is this due to communism ?). Though we can able to see Malayalam superstars, Mamuty and mohanlal’s movie were on the screens, we cannot able to see any big cut-outs, banners etc., only posters are there. I was just thinking of Rajini and kamals (even Danush/Chimbu) movies here.

Its good to see the peoples down to the earth. Still they have their originality. The culture was not that much changed ( buildings, dressings, food etc.,). They were not most affected by other cultures. It’s good to see some originality in the cities of a state. ( here chennai / bangalore almost lost its originality) . The boiled water they maintain in all the commercial places. They follow this strictly. Actually we were dying to get some ordinary water (Thanicha vellam). The rate of mobile usage seems to be less.

The above said things and other few small things are the reason why I like Kerala. May be few things i do not like but still Kerala is beautiful. Afterall good things are recognized by comparing with the related things. All the above said are the things I noticed/felt in the three days of tour. May be I could have been wrong with my perception. As I said earlier one cannot predict a place’s culture and people in just three days. But still ….!

When nature, cleanliness and simplicity are compared and related with GOD, then KERALA is GOD’s Own Country. Kerala and the peoples of it deserve to have this caption.

2 thoughts on “Continued ….God’s own country.

  1. hey satish. i am trying to populate a community blog about kerala which would benefit travellers looking for directions in kerala. i found your three articles on kerala pretty interesting. could i pls post it in the blog and i would give u a link back and full credit…

    pls do email me at jaleel.jalaludeen at if u are interested..

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