learning is not a burden

Learning is not a burden” – This is a new scheme introduced by Tamil Nadu Government earlier this week. i.e. the child laptops will be given to all school children’s. The Laptops will be preloaded with the lessons and the syllabus. Preloaded multemedia sessions will be there in laptops. At preset this scheme is implemented on experimental basis. i.e. they planned to select a private school in city and one in rural area. And one Class from the school will be selected and provided with the laptops. In the home they can use the books given in school. No need to carry the books to school.

The main aim of the scheme is to reduce the school bag luggage of he children and to bring some more interest in education. Good to see some interesting schemes introduced by the government related to the school education.

Two questions comes in my mind ,

1. Is this a useful scheme, will this be a successful one ?

2. Is this necessary at this situation ? Have they ever evaluated the present situation of govt. schools ?

My Answers are here… this seems to be a useful scheme and it will be successful one. But only for the city based schools and children’s. When I read this article in the news paper, I couldn’t help me from stop laughing.Does any one knows and cares here about the current situation of public schools ? There would be at least two generation gap between the private schools and public schools in Tamil Nadu (India). Quantity is good but quality is going worst in government schools. May be very few public schools will be good but not the most schools.

It’s very foolish to think of providing a laptop, when the school children’s are not provided with tables and chairs to sit and no class rooms in few schools and almost no quality staffs in most schools. For who’s sake this scheme is introduced. Every scheme has a polish of the politics in it. So they can add in the election campaign as “provided laptops to the schools and improved the education quality and reduced the burden of learning” .

We (Blossom team) have visited several government schools in the Madurai and Virudunagar based villages. I feel very pity on those children’s. Who is going to bring the changes in the public schools? when they will get the equality in education ? who is going to bridge the gap between private and public schools ? No answers right now ….but soon…we will get answers. we are all working on that.

We have confidence in bringing changes….lets wish ..no one should stop us doing this. After that learning will not be a burden.

but now …..?

2 thoughts on “learning is not a burden

  1. According to me… All upcoming students should get good exposure to the use of computers. Providing laptop is very personalized. They will be access to the world not being stick only to the books… Take their own decision not to depend on anybody else. They can simultaneously study what their seniors will study. So by this way its gonna increase their confidence, will motivate them. And make them ready for the world of information… They will provide more application study. Than giving them a protocol and make them follow blindly.

    Think about the government school… so pity… I think every day a boy/girl in government school should get access to internet for at least 1hr/day… Should not forced by someone to use it… They should learn by them self… they should provide some visual learning to attract them. Some games they can provide to refresh their mind and make them enthusiastic. Provide lot of animation in the field they like… Reduce the time they spend in the school.. so that them can reduce the cost… if they reduce about 20% cost then.. they can transform this 20% to under developed school… they should make a master plan…

    so providing laptops will not affect the government school… But is not also gonna develop them… Government should create some master plan to transform the underdeveloped school to developed school.

    As you are a project co-coordinator, You go and study various type of schools in Tamil Nadu and provide the government a mater plan… how to reduce cost and enhance other school… All the best.

  2. Tats true ras. What you said was exactly correct. Its really a good idea to produce a master plan to the Govt. and to make them implement.

    We are in the another phase of research regarding the education quality of the govt schools. So we can make it along with that and we can develop a model system. Lets work together…join us whenever you interested.

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