I felt different …!

The day was different yesterday. I felt it different. As usual a sleep less wake up in the morning due to stupid dreams, got to see my small wonder in the morning, given explanations related to a issue directly to my boss, forgot my best buddy’s birthday .

I was never been like this. I had never(hardly) forgotten my loved ones birthdays. It may be a boy or a girl. I am little bit good in celebrating others birthday.I felt bad when she called up and remembered me about her birthday. But Arranged a party/treat (sort of) in the evening.Not a well planned one. A party with no surprises and no different things. It’s not the way I celebrate birthdays of others.She deserves more than this.I don’t know why my mind was messed up like this. I remember…I also forgot saami’s birthday , Rajesh’s birthday last year and this year too !, and few others.I feel bad about this.

It’s true that I wish to have some changes in me …but not these kind of changes. I wish to be back again to give my friends their life’s merriest moments and surprises on their special day.

Lot’s of good days to come…!

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