hit back again…!

It was a cloudy evening..with sun paints the sky with its golden color. A guy is standing in the corner of the mountain/highest place. He can able to see this whole world and all its activities. He can see all the selfish living beings(humans) in of this world.He is just holding his hands together and watching the world calmly.For his eyes the world is not sphere its just rectangle and he is standing in the corner of the rectangle.The guy is …. S Its me. yes..its a dream of yesterday night. I couldn’t believe why the hell I am getting these kinds of dreams…! I am not such a kind of scientist to say/discover some thing on the shape of earth !!! (yenna kodumai sir ithu). And its very bad that nowadays I remember few of my dreams.

Its again ( regular) …my nights are filled with dreams. The F…..g dreams. Dreams dreams and dreams …these are things completely occupying my sleep. It’s almost lots of months had been passed for me without a good sleep. I forgot my last slept night without dreams.I don’t know why the hell I am getting dreams !

Whenever I close my eyes…dreams open inside my eyes. I hate every nights and every morning I woke up. When I woke up I can feel the pain in my eyes , brain/mind. I have no good feel while awaking every morning. I have no deep sleep . Its almost 2.40, 3.15, 4.30, 5.50 am every morning I woke up due to my dreams and I feel fresh and you can’t see any symptoms in me of awakening from sleep.

I am totally disturbed bcos of my dreams. When I am going to get released from this ? I don’t wish to go for sleeping pills. I know it’s harm to health and its not a good habit. I believe I will come out of this issue. Having no interest in GOD, still I pray ..” Mr.GOD do not give any dreams in my sleep“. I have long distance to travel…for that sleeping is important in my life. I had already lost lots and lost of nights. Hey Dreams ……please leave forever from my nights. I wish to sleep for hours…!

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