thanks a ton aamir …!

Thanks for tAAre zameeN Par Again.

Mr. Thangam Thennarasu, State Education Minister, earlier this week announced about the plans on appointing more Special Educator’s for easing the education of the children’s with Learning disability. This talk came in assembly session when a minister from congress has questioned about the LD in govt schools by quoting the film tAAre zameeN Par. Its really good to see some initiatives have been taken in these kind of issues also.

It’s good to have a LD center for all the schools and at least one Special Educator per LD center. Hope Tamilnadu government will concentrate more on this and make some considerable progress. And this is a surprise that our Assembly session have some talks related to education also. Good sign of improving a state/country. Through “DISHAA” ( a remedial center/school for LD), we are in the phase of contacting more govt. school regarding the LD. So an announcement like this will be a good boon for us to reach the schools easily.

It’s a remarkable truth that, the movie tAAre zameeN Par has made such a wonderful impact on all and it created a excellent awareness in all the states of India and in all the level of peoples. Let’s think of a awareness project on LD…the no of days/months , the expenses, the hard work and the other resources etc.,spent. Its unimaginable. But a simple movie made it. It made more impact than an awareness project. Thanks a ton Aamir.(click for aamir’s blog) . Really a wonderful job.

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