She is my Love ….!

She is the one I love the most. She is the one I wanted to be with always. She is the one I ever wondered at. She is the one I will be dying to see her fully.She is the one with me when I am blue. She is the one brings me a little smile in face and mind when I was in angry or mood out. She is the one who never disappoints me except for few times. She is the one who travels with me to all the places. She is the one who never fights with me , never scolds me, never irritates me. She is the one I never felt like missing. she is the one with whom I have no possessiveness. She is the Love of my Life.

I am pleased to introduce her to you all, she is Moon. She is the masterpiece in natures creativity. She has several names. She is always compared with softness/kindness and love. She is the one , celebrated by all. Here are the few of her other names,

Old Moon,Flower Moon,Lenten Moon,Egg Moon,Milk Moon,Flower Moon,Hay Moon,Grain Moon,Fruit Moon,Harvest Moonm,Hunter’s Moon,Oak Moon “. This English names were given based on months. Starting from January to December.

I always compared Moon to women/love. when every one compares night times with loneliness a, I never felt loneliness when there is a moon in the sky. At times I will be simply sitting in the terrace or window side and simply watch the Moon for hours n hours. I never felt bored with her. She sulks with me and smiles with me and cries with me.

Whenever I travel in nighttimes I die to sit in the window seat. so that I can see moon all over the night. Love to have a moon dinner with my loved ones. wherever may be the place, when a moon is seen that place will become beautiful. It may be mountain, It may be back waters, It may be beach, It may be a multi story building,It may be a hut, It may be a long road side, It may be a desert,It may be a river, It may be a open ground..whatever the place may be ..the moon adds beauty.

A cuddle in the moon light will increase the affection, a tussle in the moonlight will reduce the intensity. For me moon has more power than sun and moon is superior than Mr. Sun . I just Love MOON for its simplicity and for being with me.

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