reaching targets …..progress !

In one of my friends blog , he was writing about the self Discipline and he made regime for self discipline. He usually sets some small goals like this and hardly he follows . I was just kidding him for not following the rules/tasks set by him. Anyways he took it somewhat serious and he thinks that I discouraging him..ok tat’s not part of this story..coming to the point…In the beginning of this year I have set some goals for this year. Now I just need to check my progress of it …click the link below for the older post…..

the beginning …!

  • to put a step ahead in my carrier0% – not initiated
  • website for Blossom40% – giving shape
  • at least one blood donation camp and a medical awareness camp for this year30% – Planned for july 4th (tentative)
  • another Quest Educational center in a rural village40% – final talks in progress
  • initiating some works on the hidden project of Blossom0% – not initiated
  • giving a shape to the DISHAA – Remedial center for learning disability (started by my sister)30% – working on next level.
  • Getting ATG 80 certificate for Blossom80% – final hearing on jun 26th (High court).
  • learning music (drums) and dance0% – not initiated
  • learning some multimedia softwares (photoshop , flash , animation softwares etc.,)10% – initiated
  • learn to enjoy my loneliness75% – started accepting and getting used with it.

Hope this sounds good. As I am in the mid of the year , the progress seems to be good. But still I haven’t initiated works on few tasks. Let me think about it and make some progress as early as possible.

The easiest way to reach the goals is “Set simple targets“. I always believe in the quote ” Big things comes under small packages“.

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