most awaited …!

few of the most awaited movies are ready for release…

1. Dasavatharam (tamil) – Kamal Hassan movie – 13th June.

2. The Happening -a M. Night Shyamalan movie. – 13th June.

3. Hancock – a Will Smith movie – 04th July.

Night Shyamalan movie is on screens after two years. I was most impressed by his movies “Sixth sense” and “Unbreakable”. Most of his movies are US box office hits. And on Hancock ..its one of my favorite actors movie. Love to watch his movies. Just counting the days for watching the movie on the first day of release in Sathyam Cinemas. Dasavatharam ..hope in tamil nadu most of the movie goers are waiting for this movie. The movies is said to be the the first movie with a actor on 10 different roles. Expectations are there to break movie “Sivaji’s” record in box office. The movie is released with 1000 prints. Hope the movie is screened in almost all the theaters of chennai.

Hope for the best.

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