back to school …joining in 1st standard…!

Atlast I got the Demo Cd’s of ABL method. ABL is a new teaching method followed in all the public (govt.) schools of Tamil Nadu. I was dying to get the details and demo cd of ABL for past 10 months. Thanks to the Headmastar of the school for getting me the demo cd’s. I have to see all the cd’s and understand about the ABL method. Hope this would be a interesting one to check with all the cd’s.

This week I am flooded with some other jobs ( preparing financial report, meeting auditor , and a component delivery in office etc.,). Hope fully I will start watching it by next week. So I will be joining in 1st standard by next week. Interesting …..!

As a part Blossom (a NGO working for towards better society) also supported few schools by providing the paintings needed for ABL method. Blossom also have plans to provide the painting in more public schools of Tamilnadu. So this is our responsibility to know more about ABL method .As a good part I met a person, who can provide me the set of ABL method cards. Hope this should be helpful for us to learn more about ABL.

I always wish to go back to my child hood …! But now got chance to go back to my school days by learning from 1st to 5th standard subjects. Is there any easy way like this to go back to my childhood days again ?? ???????? 🙂

Note :- ABL – Activity Based Learning , introduced by a NGO few years back and accepted by the Andra government and was implemented in few schools. Few years back Taminadu government also considered this system and implemented partially in few govt schools and last year in all the public schools this was implemented. This system was implemented for 1st to 5th standard kids. ABL is for primary education and ALM – Active Learning Method is for upper primary level ( 6th to 9th standard). ALM is in the research phase and will be implemented by next year.

8 thoughts on “back to school …joining in 1st standard…!

  1. Nice to meet smeone interested in ABL and ALM. But is ur interest limited to ur personal reasons like exploring child hood or are u invovled in any projects. I am a research scholar exploring this area jus wanted to listen to ur views.

  2. 🙂 …not just for exploring my childhood….I am involved in project called QUEST for a NGO called BLOSSOM and we do research on improving the quality of education in the government schools and for rural children…. and nice to see your interest in ….happy to help you regarding this ….

  3. those are all the demo CD’s given to the government schools (primary schools) of Tamil Nadu. If you are from Tamil Nadu you can contact the nearby government primary school and they can give u some inputs and those CD’s are made for teachers for the ways of teaching the student’s.

    Hope the CD’s wont help you much ….may be if u r a teacher it will be usefull for you. I am in the process of learning the ABL and ALM methods completely. After learning it I will be preparing some materials to make it understand by every one. Hope I can help you with that after I have done with it …. 🙂

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