Deal between sun and moon …!

I traveled some 1200 kms (up and down) last weekend. This time it was a bus journey. On both the journey the buses were comfortable. Though my friend was there with me , I was mostly accompanied with my Love ( The Moon). All along the journey I was looking at the moon by pushing back the semi sleeper seat . Some times the bus direction changes and the moon disappears from my side..but at that time I will be watching the drizzles of light from the moon all over the places.

Moon brings more beauty not only to the mountains , rivers, back waters, bridges. It also adds more beauty to the NH roads and roadside areas. Hope there would be a agreement between the Sun and the Moon. Because the lashings of darkness was smoothly removed by the Moon. The moons light penetrates into all the corners of the darkness. So Moon works for Sun in the night time. For me Sun is a Dazzler and Moon is a Drizzlier of Light. So both works for bringing light.

Thanks for Moon for making my journeys as good ones. Thanks for coming with me always. Every journey is a new experience along with the Moon. I wish to add another name for the moon is ..” Traveling Moon“.

Life is more beautiful ..because of the Moon.

5 thoughts on “Deal between sun and moon …!

  1. Why do u love the one which dont have ears to listen ur words?But i feel happy abt onething, do u know wat? it wont hurt you at any cost and at the same time it will be with u forever.

  2. I understand, you should also be liking leafless trees, crows in the moonlight, werewolf howling in the dark, bats and creepy craves.

    Tell me if you are sleeping in the coffin lately…………

    You are slowly becoming a vampire, I am scared 🙂

  3. yadi…thinking alike will not fit for all and every time.

    let me know if u sense more vampire character in me ..bcos u deal more with alien and vampires…as u r one among them 😉 .

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