Dasavatharam …!

Creating expectation is the easiest job in this world…but meeting the expectations is the toughest job . Dasavatharam did it. The expectation was huge on this movie. Padmasree Kamal hasan’s hard work was paid. After watching the movie , every one speaks about kamal and ten roles. There is no wonder in every one praising kamal. 10 different roles, 10 different ascent, 10 different body language. He is the only one to make it.

Still I haven’t watched the movie…just waiting for a ticket in Sathyam Screen. Hope to see the movie by next week end. Got a chance to read  the review (analysis) of Dasavatharam from a blog. Really a good one to read. Bit lengthier one but worth reading it. I just wonder about , how much he would have been impressed by this move. Check the link for the review ….

Review (analysis) Dasavatharam

Eagerly waiting to see this movie. Hats off to kamal hasan’s performacne and dedication. Best wishes for his next movie “Marmayoge”. Dasavatharam – another golden page added in the Book of World cinema.

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