so called LIFE …!

A Lot of things go unquestioned,

A lot of questions go unanswered,

Few words go unsaid,

Few go unheard,

Some feelings are buried alive… V call this as “LIFE“.

Read this in a SMS.  Really a good SMS. Here is my perception of this SMS…

things go unquestioned , unanswered, unsaid, unheard etc., its all to make our life beautiful. It was intentionally made like that. If someone puts his time to find answers, to ask questions, to find what is said, tries to know the unheard things and taking back the buried feelings then there is no doubt that he complicates his life. Life will be miserable. Leave the things as it is and go with what is given and what we have to get.

Long back I read a quote …

” GOD made this Life Beautifull with his available time”

and i wish to add another line with it….

” Humans made the Life complicated with their available time”.

Just we make this life untidy. apart from this “Life is always beautiful“.

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