flutter of a butterfly’s wings creates a earth quake …!

Chaos theory …everyone who watched the movie Dasavatharam would have heard this word. The storyline of the movie is this theory. What is Chaos Theory ?? ..just continue reading to get some details on that ….

Chaos theory attempts to explain the fact that complex and unpredictable results can and will occur in systems that are sensitive to their initial conditions.

A common example of this is known as the Butterfly Effect. It states that, in theory, the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in China could, in fact, actually effect weather patterns in New York City, thousands of miles away. In other words, it is possible that a very small occurrence can produce unpredictable and sometimes drastic results by triggering a series of increasingly significant events.

Chaos theory - Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect - a plot of Lorenz attractor

Some more details here ….

It was Edward Lorenz, a meteorologist who first discovered evidence supporting chaos theory in 1960.This effect came to be known as the butterfly effect. The amount of difference in the starting points of the two curves is so small that it is comparable to a butterfly flapping its wings.

The flapping of a single butterfly’s wing today produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. Over a period of time, what the atmosphere actually does diverges from what it would have done. So, in a month’s time, a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast doesn’t happen. Or maybe one that wasn’t going to happen, does. (Ian Stewart, Does God Play Dice? The Mathematics of Chaos, )

This phenomenon, common to chaos theory, is also known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Just a small change in the initial conditions can drastically change the long-term behavior of a system.

Chaos has already had a lasting effect on science, yet there is much still left to be discovered. Many scientists believe that twentieth century science will be known for only three theories: relativity, quantum mechanics, and chaos. Aspects of chaos show up everywhere around the world, from the currents of the ocean and the flow of blood through fractal blood vessels to the branches of trees and the effects of turbulence.

Chaos has inescapably become part of modern science. As chaos changed from a little-known theory to a full science of its own, it has received widespread publicity. Chaos theory has changed the direction of science: in the eyes of the general public, physics is no longer simply the study of subatomic particles in a billion-dollar particle accelerator, but the study of chaotic systems and how they work.

..from all the info I got about the Chaos theory, I can say that it is interesting. I always agree with the saying  ” Life has reasons and Logics”. Every ‘happening’ in this world has a reason.   “Life is beautiful“….always.

6 thoughts on “flutter of a butterfly’s wings creates a earth quake …!

  1. These beliefs of higher being and chaos theory should be removed from this planet right away.

    Although it is the truth, it is the root cause of all chaos around this world.

    Imagine if man wouldn’t have believed in a higher being and went around searching for pleasure, the world would have been an happier place, you and me need not be suffering so much.

    Don’t believe in Chaos theory, if everything happened for a reason and if you believe in this logic, there is nothing good gonna happen to you, instead you are going to regret this belief in the future.

  2. your whole assumption lies on cause and effect..meaning “The Flutter of a butterfly ‘WILL’ cause a tornedo..but the theory states ” The Flutter of a butterfly ‘MAY’ also be one of the reasons behind the tornedo”.

    I suggest you see the movie “The Butterfly Effect”, a great movie to understand (or sometimes to confuse) Butterfly effetc n chaos theory.

  3. Man is too full of himself and that is his undoing.
    Man should be like a hollow bamboo, so that existence can pass through him. Man should be like a porous sponge — not hard — so that the doors and the windows of his being are open, and existence can pass from one end to another without any hindrance; in fact, finding no one inside. The winds blow — they come in from one window and they go out from another
    window of his being. This emptiness is the highest bliss possible. But you are like a hard, unporous rock, or like a hard steel rod. Nothing passes through you. You resist everything.You don’t allow. You go on fighting on all sides and in all directions as if you are in a great war with existence.
    There is no war going on, you are simply befooled by yourself.
    Nobody is there to destroy you. The whole supports you; the whole is the very earth on which you are standing, the very sky in which you breathe, you live. In fact, you are not — only the whole is.

  4. Nice overview, though I’d add that the so-called “Butterfly Effect” is actually only one facet of chaos theory. (I’d also caution you to watch your step where it comes to causation- does a single butterfly *cause* a tornado? Or does the system as a whole cause the tornado, with all parts of the system playing a critical role, butterflies included?)

    One big area where there has been a lot of misunderstanding is how the Butterfly Effect impacts climate modeling. You might think that it would make it impossible to predict what the climate will be like in a hundred years, However, I have been putting together a series of articles explaining why this is not so. If you are interested, you can check out the most recent one here:

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