Hancock the (Super)Hero…!

HANCOCK –  A superhero who doesn’t care about his public image or worry about the consequences of his actions, though he saved several lives for years , he was hated for the damages he made to the city. At one point Hancock starts working with a public relations officer to make his image good.

The movie was released after lots of sensor cut. A full length entertaining comedy flick. As usual a will smith movie which implies human life is better than anything ( may be a superhero or robot or alien etc.,) . Not much impressive but a good entertainer. Will smith scores good in this movie. apart from smith “Jason Bateman” the public relations officer attracts everyone. We got to see another super women “Charlize Theron” PRO’s wife and told as a wife of Hancock several decades back. Still lots of confusions with her character in this movie….!

This is a normal movie and not as usual superhero movie. The movie opened with great promise, offering a solid action sequence blended with a nice character study but nothing was met in this movie. But Smith makes you love him, from the moment he wakes up on a bus bench, surly and hungover, and snaps crabbily at the little kid who roused him with the simple call to arms, during anger management in the prison, while testing the PRO’s wife in her kitchen about her power,while saving a police women, while getting angry with a playing kid, in all his super heroic scenes, his reactions when someone calls him Asshole etc., I just love Will Smith for whatever he is.

This was given a big image bcos of Will Smith. Seems that Peter berg, the Director of this movie got inspired by some comic super hero and started doing this movie. Lots of illogical things go with this movie. Anyways Smith took it in a better way. Wish this movie should not have a sequel.

A good movie only for Will Smith Lovers.  Just waiting for his next movie “Seven Pounds” and this will defenitly be a exellent movie. A movie deals about a  man who change the lives of seven strangers.

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