Sunset was costlier for me …!

Sunset was bit costlier for me. Yes I paid around 11000 rs for seeing the Sun Set. It was around 3.30 pm we went to Kovalam Beach (Kerala). Five of my friends were there with me. We were playing in the beach. Guys were pulling one another in water , sometimes I was thrown into the water and dipped into water. At around 5.30 pm we were just tired and we planned to move from there. So we went to a restaurant near by the seashore.

One of my friend noticed that the gold chain in my neck was missing. So few of us went to the beach , to search the chain in the places where we played. We could not able to get it.I felt, Its really foolish to search in the sea waters. So I asked the guys to come out. Everyone left to the restaurant and had a cup of hot tea. At that time the sun started to set and the scene was excellent. I just took my cup of tea and started walking in the beach water by looking and enjoying at the sun set.

The dazzling of the reddish orange color in the sky and a small mountain rock in the seashore with a beautiful sundecks of “The Leela” hotel added more beauty to the scene. For every second I can able to see the sun moving towards the sea water to take a water bath . In the same time it started drizzling. Every one playing in the beach were running towards some shelter near the seashore. Hardly I was the only guy still standing in the beach waters. The coastal guards were whistling at me to come to the seashore. I acted like I was not hearing them, I continued to look at the sun set. Sun was almost very nearer to the sea level. The scene at this time was really amazing. Really one should have thousand eyes to watch it. I was in the state of bliss, it started raining most and most of the clouds were dark Grey in color , darkness were surrounded in sky, the reddish orange started fading and sun’s glow was reduced , no one was there around me .

Just imagine that a single man, with a cup of tea in his hands, standing in the beach water while raining, darken clouds, light orange colored sky near the sun, sea water reflects the orange color, a small rock mountain and the excellently constructed sundecks of The Leela hotel, with a cool breeze blowing in my face. Still I can feel the moments. Really I enjoyed each and every milliseconds of a second. Almost the sun was set and few coastal guards came near to me and asked me to move from the place. I was totally wet , reached the restaurant and had some fish fries and left kovalam at around 7.00 pm. Check with a net image of sunset in kovalam beach.

Sunset in Kovalam beach

google image of Sunset in Kovalam beach

Most of my friends are worried about the chain I lost, but I was not much concerned about that. I was telling myself that I have paid 11000 rs to nature to watch its wonder. It worth to pay for it. Though that chain got some sentimental backgropunds like my first gold ornament and my mom presented to me 9 years back etc., I was not much worried. Bocs everything happend for a reason, If I haven’t lost the chain there , we would have left the place at around 5.45 pm and I would have missed the most beautiful show of the sun in my life.

Thanks for Kerala, Kovalam beach, The Leela Hotel, the rock mountain, my gold chain , the rain and the cup of tea for showing me the pleasant side of the Sun. Life is always beautifull when living with nature.

5 thoughts on “Sunset was costlier for me …!

  1. Again and again, time after time, you have proved one thing.

    1) Your long history on cell phones.
    2) Now your chain,

    soon, don’t know, I don’t want to imagine.

    How many times one should tell you that standard procedures for safe guarding your items must be followed?

    The sunset was beautiful alright, but the way you took it was positively beautiful to keep your mind peaceful but there is a negative part to it, the way you took it will be equally bad when thinking about the future.

  2. machi katha vidathaaaa….its not first time in your life loosing items…that’s why you are not taking seriously. Maman keela vilunthaalum meesa mannu ottathaa mathiriya pesariya da…. πŸ™‚

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