just wonder at Dr.Kalam’s commitment

Yesterday (24th July ) few NGO’s had a meeting with Dr. Abdul Kalam. The meeting was about a interactive session and all the NGO’s planned to discuss about their current and future activites and to discuss about his ideas on that. Few of my known contacts from a NGO also attented the Meeting. Can any one guess the appointment time given my Dr.Kalam ???

It’s 11.00 pm and my friend messaged me after the meeting was over. The time was around 2.00 am. I just really wonder at his commitment. They also say that , his regular schedule is upto 1.00 am every day. What may be the thing makes him to work for several hours at this age?  This shows that he still dreams and he is also working on that.Hope by today evening I will be getting some info about the meeting and the things held over there.

Some of the NGO’s attended the meeting are , Young Helping Minds (YHM), SIRAGU Montessori School (Suyam Trust), India Vision 2020, India Sudar, another from Cognizant(CTS) company  etc.,  Here the most of the NGO’s are working towards Dr.Kalams vision (2020).

Though I am not the one , to completely praise Dr.Kalam for all his activites. I too have some controversial perceptions on few of his activiteis. But most times I wonder at his commitment and Interest in improving India. Hats off to Dr. Kalam.

4 thoughts on “just wonder at Dr.Kalam’s commitment

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  2. Iam really charged up after seeing the great man my role model or more than that Dr Abul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam .Iam thankful to Mr.Srinivasan of India Vision 2020 who made my dream come true. 12 people meet kalam all partners of India Vision 2020 .

    I first shook hands with kalam and gave the Notes of Activities of YHM . He went through it very sharply then i explained the activities of YHM he was really impressed .I made a proposal with Kalam i have been working for this for 2 years .On 15th October the birthday of Kalam i wanted to bring all the less blessed children’s in chennai from orphanages , blind schools , physically challenged and all section of kids who have some problem and the all the students from chennai and show the students that there are these kind of people please help them with time and money . Kalam sir said October 15th he will not be in INDIA so he agreed to come on a day which is mutually ok .So now we have a responsibility to work for the event . I have a plan to conduct this event by dec or jan .Please give ur comments on this event

    And i gave my card he saw the card and asked you have changed ur name to KALAM Nagappan did ur father scolded or not . Everyone started laughing i explained him initially he shouted but accepted afterwards .

    After that all the partner org of India Vision 2020 explained about their activities.He was really impressed and said he will call others another day for a full day discussion .

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