Olympic – Beijing 2008

Today Aug, 08 is the most awaited day for sportsmen and sport lovers. From today the Olympic 2008 starts. In next few days the countries will start counting the medals. Hats off to China for creating a new city (reconstructing) Beijing for Olympics. I really wonder at their hard work, interest and efforts on this. All the photos and news I have seen and read were really amazing. “The winning of the 2008 Olympic bid was an example of the international recognition of China’s social stability, economic progress and the healthy life of the Chinese people.” And china’s effort , we can name Olympic 2008 it as  Chinalympic – 2008.

Logo - Olympic 2008

Logo - Olympic 2008

The next thought come into my (any Indian) mind would be , how many medals for India ? Will India Shine ? . Our medals history in Olympics were very poor. Wish this year Olympics should be a platform for Indian sportsmen to display their talents.

Here is the official website for Beijing – Olympics 2008 . The Olyimpic fever will continue untill August 24th 2008. 38 games , 16 days , 205 nations and 302 Gold medals, really its going to be a memorable days to China and the world.  Best Wishes.

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