run for a good cause …!

August 31st 2008, Sunday morning at 6.30 am , Chennai will start running for a good cause. It’s about the Chennai Marathon 2008, the India’s biggest and south India’s richest run is organized by Tamil Maiyam and Good Will in aid of “Give Life – A charity Organization“.

Give Life is a publicly owned and publicly audited charity. Holistic education and development of the underprivileged children is the core focus of the organization.

Just got to see this quote on running,

Best quotes on running

Best quotes on running

Its really true, running is a special experience for the thirsty minds. Just remember the movie “Forrest Gump” of Thom hanks.Thanks for Athletic Federation of India for approving this mega event and great thanks for all the supporters, celebrities and sponsors. My hearty wishes for the success of the grand event – Chennai Marathon 2008.

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