Confession from my heart …!

For the past few months whenever I found time I was just listening to me. Some may tell this as introspection , but for me it’s just listening. I came to know lots of wonders and blunders about me. Here I just reveal one thing and I consider it as blunder,

I always expect a special consideration from the close friends. i.e. Whenever I get least consideration from them, I worried a lot and sometimes I was hurt to the core ( But nowadays I am the one who least bothered about that…thanks for all the lessons ). The consideration is big or small , but it should be unique and it should be for me always. Because of this thought in my inner mind, i started moving away(maintain a distance) from friends whenever I got less priority. Most times i never let them know the reason for moving away . And now I realize that , this is the biggest reason of me being a looser when it comes to close relationships.

Nowadays I am not (never wish to) expecting anything from friends , just take them for as they are and never expects any special considerations from others. Its good to be like this and now every  day throws me lots of surprises for me and I get only happiness from friends and not worries.

Thanks for my ex-colleague (the so called close friend) for confirming me the lesson I should learn and I wish my colleague should be the last person, where I expected some special considerations. Never I make this mistake with others … and I won’t.

And this post is a Small confession to my dear ones ..If I would have hurt them by moving away … !

One thought on “Confession from my heart …!

  1. ha ha ha, nice joke…..

    you haven’t yet learnt the zen of friendship………………

    But I can’t say that to you, you have to see for yourself.

    But when it comes to friendships, I still consider you to be a loner with so many people around who can help you…………..

    Be connected….

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