Enthiran – The Robot (sci-fi Movie)

Enthiran is in back and shooting is in progress. The ROBOT (renamed as Enthiran) team is now in US for the shooting of the sci-fi movie. As it is billed as one of the biggest flick in Indian History , expectations are in peak now. May be some controversies lies on the previous movie Kuselan , but sure it won’t affect the market of Enthiran.

Robot - poster

Enthiran - The Robot

One thing I wonder is , how Shankar is going to display Rajini in Robot story. Becasue he discussed with Sharuk khan for this movie and finally he decided to do with Rajini.How come Sharuk’s role will match with Rajini ???  According to the original story (written by Sujatha), there are three powerful characters in the film ( sibi , nila and a dog ).Hope some will remember a play displayed in Doordarshan channel  several years back (En Eniya Enthira). I guess there would be lots of changes in story (may be whole story line would have been changed for Rajini). Any ways we can expect lots of wonders and blunders in the Enthiran (as it was in Sivaji ). Still thinking of the songs in a sci-fi movie … no option there will be min 5 songs with at least two duets with Aish. 🙂

Some interesting things are about the technicians working in the movie are ,

While Mary E Vogt – Designer worked for Men in Black, Batman Returns and Inspector Gadget will be designing the scientific outfits.

Stan Winston Studio (USA) –  which was responsible for the impressive animation sequences in movies such as Predator, Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor, Iron man and the Terminator will work on the animations part.

Yuen Woo Ping – stunt director worked for Tiger Hidden Dragon, Matrix and Kill Bill, has been put in charge of the action sequences of the movie. (good relief from Kanal kannan ).

Hollywood companies like ILM, Tippet, Café EFX; and Hong Kong companies like Centro and Menfond have been roped in to work on VFX.

Best wishes for a sci-fi movie from India and especially from Kolywood. I wish Sujatha’s thoughts and story should not be changed. As a rajini Fan, waiting to see him on big screens soon.

15 thoughts on “Enthiran – The Robot (sci-fi Movie)

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  2. Black ass African’s don’t like robots, no black ass Tamilian will like it , I am sure……They will like some elephant or monkey fuckign scenes int he forest.
    Better show them naked pussies from Kerala, fuck ….

  3. there may b more lights in the earth ,but the earth gets light from the sun . like that rajni is like the sun , he is one and only the super star the earth . if giriraj interested i will fuckin in his assssssssssssssssssssss for ever

  4. GiriRaj you “Bastard” if u dnt like leave it………..no one is goin to compell u to c the movie……Enthiran….shuld apprecite the effort of the team for the movie which goin to talk world wide……i think instead of watchin BF Giriraj wl see “Animal BF” get one street dog and u fuck that one………ur r eligible for that one it seems…………

  5. Dai, Poriki Giriraj, watch a movie after it released. Dont make dosai in your tongue. R u eligible to tell “Patti vadai sutta Story”?

    Wait & Watch the MOVIE. It will hit not only world but also your bad feelings

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