me and moon – 180 Kms

Last weekend I have been to my native and I traveled in my bike (RX 100). It was almost around 180 Kms from Chennai. My bike’s engine got ceased few months back , since then it was in worst condition , pick up was reduced etc., So I planned to leave it for a complete service and to make some alterations ( making more sporty). I have few well known mechanics in Pondy, so I took it to Pondy. Now the bike is in service station.

While returning to Chennai I took my brother’s bike (TVS Vector) and it was the best journey/ride/driving I have experienced. It’s not due to the bike but due to the flat bed road (ECR – East cost Road),hugging breeze, the drizzling sun light and dazzling full moon light. It’s really awesome. Its long time since I have traveled a long distance using bike. So I enjoyed my ride with the average speed of 70 and maximum of 90 (its the maximum for Vector). šŸ˜¦

Usually in any long distance bike drive I will stop the bike at every one hour , but this time I have stopped for every 45 mins ..its bcos of the beauty of The Full Moon. the climate was really amazing on that day, I started at 5.30 pm and it started drizzling along with the drizzles of sun light. At one stage around 6.15 pm I stopped at a bridge ( next to place Marakanam) , it was a bridge which runs over a river and the will be around one KM distance. I parked my bike in the road side and sitting on the bridge wall , I started looking at the sun set. No words to express the beauty of the scene. And just opposite to that direction the moon was there with a dull transparent white color. It’s really a wonder to see both sun and moon at the same time.

The suns light and moons light are indirectly proportional. Said a bye to sun I started , the moons brightness keeps on increasing and I was chasing a Air Bus (parveen) all along the way. All the way I was looking at the sky for the moon with a big circle around it. I know It is bit dangerous on concentrating the speed and the moon and the road at the same time. But I managed , and I could not control myself of watching the moon. My last stop was a place near Chennai (50 Kms) , usually I watch the place while traveling in bus , its a park on the road side with lawn and lots of wooden chairs and tables and a Ice cream shop. It gives the best view of sea shore ( sea water is just 600 to 700 meters away). I got a Mango stick in the shop and sat on the wooden chair and started watching the moon and its shine in the beach water and the fresh breeze. Really I enjoyed each and every moment.

I wish to spend some more time there but I was about to attend my friends engagement function at Vijay park hotel. So I started and then caught in city traffic and I reached near the hotel at 9.30 pm and could not able to attend the function .

For me travelling and living is good when it happens along with the moon. I don’t know why I am becoming such a big moon lover , anyways it good. And I miss my bike (black chetah) a lot .

11 thoughts on “me and moon – 180 Kms

  1. Hmmm!

    Good to hear that my friend admiring the lonely moon, hope he may seen some loved one face in it… last time when I hear the person admiring the beauty of the world was in love.

    Now I am hearing again, and I don’t know how people start liking all unnoticed things in there 25 years of life and suddenly admiring those things once the girl come into there life… (including me)

    For example: Flowers, bright and silent night, full moon while travelling, sea shore in the dawn as well set.

    Sathish, you are becoming too romantic nowadays; life gives lots of surprises.

  2. srini …. i never see another face in the moon and I never want to. If i see any face in the moon then I will start hating that face…bcos I won’t allow anyone to resemble my lovable moon.

    as you said ppl start knowing about the usual things after several years …but its not always due to a girl entering into life and it won’t fit for all….. on thing that’s true is ..loneliness makes one to love nature the more…. may be as you said a girl into life also makes on to love every thing around….its bcos after all this world revolves around womens….

    and hope now only u r getting to know abt me a lot ….and not only now I am always romantic ….. its true Life gives lots of surprises… šŸ™‚

  3. hmmm! what you said is good and I agree that loneliness also does the same impact…

    But my question is very simple… I hope you are not alone; whenever I see you are always busy in doing some service or something else(talking in phone with your friends) so loneliness factor for you is overruled.

  4. srini … hope i was cornered. šŸ˜‰ …and i never said I am alone … and I am gifted that I have lovable ppls around me always…..!

    I used to be the lover of everything around me …. I live the present life always ..may be tats the reason for me ….

    me as a Casanova..I would love and loved by all at all times .. šŸ™‚

  5. OK! šŸ˜‰

    everybody in this world is gifted in one way or other… I really feel this conversation is going to philosophical.

    we will continue the fresh comments in the new post šŸ˜€

  6. shh…appa…srini… kelvi kekarathu roomba easy….answer panarathu thaan kaztam… šŸ˜€ …. naanum yevaloovu neraam thaan padil solara maatheriye nadikaraathu … šŸ˜¦ …..

    we will continue in next post ….!

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