QUEST ends in Blossom

Tamizarasi – may be this name will give a real definition to Blossom’s QUEST. A 12 year old girl with lot’s of thirst in education and working in a fireworks industry near Sivakasi. Her father was affected by a killer disease and her mother let her. She is staying in her aunt’s house by facing all the so called problems.

She had never been to school before and now also her uncle and aunt compelling her to got to work in fireworks office.Her problems apart , interesting thing was, last month one fine evening she came to our QUEST Education Centre(QEC) and met the centre head and requested to teach her. She also told him that she had never been to school, so she asked to teach her from basic. He accepted her request and started teaching the first letters of her education. And since then she is so regular to the classes and now she has improved a lot and still learning.

I met and spoke to her last Saturday(21st Sep 2008) evening , I just wondered at her interest in learning. Naturally her eyes speaks about the problems of her. I just gave her confidence that we will take care of her education and put her in a school next year. She smiled and she was very happy. I just spoke with the Headmaster of a govt. primary school in that village, he agreed to admit her in 4th or 5th standard next year based on her knowledge.He needs a minimum level of knowledge, the ability of simple reading ,writing and recognizing.Now the ball is on our court , i.e. we have 8 months time to train her.

Tamizarasi - Khansapuram

Tamizarasi - Khansapuram

Blossom takes the onus of training her.I believe that with all her interest and hard work we can make this in eight months.If the talk with her guardians ends in positive then other things will go fine.

Hope Tamizarasi will give a different and real face of QUEST. Really it would be big challenge to get the job done. We never thought we help a poor girl for getting education, instead we took it as a chance to prove the ability of QUEST, Blossom’s dream project. I wish , let QUEST be the right place to quench Tamizarasi’s quest on education.

note:- Blossom is a Social welfare Org., and QUEST is one of the project handled by Blossom. QUEST mainly works on the Quality Education for rural childrens.

12 thoughts on “QUEST ends in Blossom

  1. Hey Satish,

    I feel very excited about the challenge we have! I wish all the success for the small girl.

    I am feeling very proud and responsible for the change we are able to bring in people’s lives.

    Kudos to QUEST!!!


  2. thanks a ton for all the wishes for the girl and QUEST. Sure we will make it success… 🙂 ..really happy to see the interest and response of all

  3. Satish,

    A great inititative and a big challenge.I wish her all the best in her quest for knowledge.All of you as a prt of Blossom are doing a wonderful job.Keep it up and keep it coming!! Kudos to u all!!

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