for the child in us ….!

Happy childrens’s day…! (to the childishness in you). Usually I wish my close friends on this day.I never felt silly to wish them. Bcos I always believe that every one has the childish character inside, mostly we hide it and we display it in a so called matured way. At least at this day we can celebrate. I really don’t know about the purpose of having a children’s day. But i took it in a positive note and I wish myself and my closed ones. And usually I get calls and messages from few of my friends on this day. We made it as a habit.

This morning also I got few messages and calls from my loved ones. It’s good and I always wish to go to my childhood (The flawless life.), so I celebrate this day.

Happy children's day

Happy children's day

2 thoughts on “for the child in us ….!

  1. happy children’s days satish 🙂 that’s true every human have the same school boy inside him we used to hide him by telling we become more mature /grown up..

    be a child where ever u want to be . that will make you more happy ..

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