Just another day …!

Dec 06 – I call it as opportunists day.  A normal date , which was changed into controversial date on Dec 06th,1992.  Babri Mosque – Ayodhya debate. It was a preplanned incident by some Hindu Nationalists. Since then, every year the Dec 06 is prone to some dangerous activities.

This day is cruelly used for the cheap politics for getting the votes of Muslims. Every political party will announce some protests, meetings etc., on this day. They make use of this day every year. I hope the incident would have been vanished from peoples mind ,if these politicians had not made any protests and meetings every year.

Sign of Peace


Wish to have Dec 06 as a day of peace, a day without any extra security checks, a day without any bomb blasts and attacks, a day without any opportunistic meetings and protests.Let’s celebrate this day as a day of unity between two religions.  Finally I just want it as a another normal day in December month.

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