India is in safer hands …!

17th Jan 09, yet another beautiful day in my life. Every day is special, but the “Action2020 – Unconference” meeting added more crowns for the day.

Action2020 – Unconference : A meeting with some 33 NGO’s working towards the betterment of India. Unlike in the traditional Seminars / Conference, in the UnConference mode, opportunity is given to all the participants to share their views. The vision of the unconference was to act as a virtual platform and work as a network to connect various NGO’s to reach people faster.

This event was organized by IndiaVision-2020, a online portal which connect 35 NGO’s with around 2300 young , vibrant volunteers and still growing. IV2020 was inspired dream of Dr.Kalam and working towards it.

Me and two of my friends represented Blossom and shared our views and thoughts. Really it was very nice to be with all the young volunteers from various NGO’s and to share the thoughts with eachother. Hats off to Indiavision 2020 and other organizing groups. Then next meeting will be in another 6 months of time with more NGO’s added as partner NGO’s.

Official site :- action2020

Wiki :-  action2020-wikipedia

Press :- The Hindu

Kalaingar TV News
One thing I can say..with powerful and vibrant youngsters India is in safer hands. It’s true.

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