Chennai a conservative city – its time to rethink …!

Feb 07,2009 Chennai will become the first city to have a dedicated helpline for lesbians.The helpline will help fight the social stigma,  to earn the confidence of lesbians and make them to  lead a normal life. Chennai already has helplines for gays and transgenders. The helpline number is “ 044-65515742 “.

This initiative was made by a Chennai based NGO called Indian Community Welfare Organization (ICWO) by joining hands with Sangama (Bangalore based NGO) and other few international organizations. Both the organizations are sexuality minorities human rights organization working for individuals oppressed due to their sexual preference. They work for the uplifting the life of stigmatized men and women in the society to enjoy the basic rights.

Break the stigma

let's break the stigma

Its a highly positive note that more NGO’s working on these fields. These are a bit complicated fields to work with, because of the lack of awareness and wrong perceptions on these issues among the public.Really these NGO’s are doing some remarkable jobs.Hats off to them.

Repealing section 377 of penal code will bring more changes to these sexual minority peoples. All over India lots of NGO’s are fighting for repealing the section.Hope the importance will be given soon to pour some light on them.

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Sangama , ICWO , News on media

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